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Writewood Screenplay Consulting is proud to offer detailed and expert screenwriting analysis by a working WGA writer and filmmaker who also has over a decade of experience as a veteran top-level Development and Production Executive for the major Hollywood Studios.  (See full Bio.)

Douglas Wood has worked at the Director and Vice President levels for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. and Turner Pictures.  He has also created and/or developed successful television series for Disney, National Geographic and the BBC.


Most script consulting services are offered by either readers/story analysts who are essentially entry-level employees in the entertainment industry, or relatively inexperienced junior creative executives.

Writewood Screenplay Consulting, however, provides writers with thorough and incisive script coverage by someone who has actually developed scripts with the industry's top writers and producers (see Talent).  Wood has hired dozens of writers for studio films and television series, providing them with notes and guidance from concept to completion.  He knows what Hollywood is looking for, because he was responsible for optioning projects for the studios for which he worked and has heard over a thousand pitches from working writers in the entertainment industry.

Wood’s experience is particularly extensive, as he’s worked with both experienced writers as well as novices.  Having worked for the major studios, he is familiar with mainstream material (Romantic Comedies, Dramas, Action/Adventure, Thrillers/ Horror and Family Pictures) and is especially knowledgeable in Animation.  But he also has a passion for low-budget indie films and more personal storytelling.  And because he’s a writer himself, he understands the creative process from the inside out.

Rather than following the restrictive guidelines of the many overrated Story Structure books and seminars, Wood believes in encouraging writers to find their own original voice.  Eschewing rigid formulas, Wood instead strives to help writers tell their stories and convey their themes as clearly, effectively and imaginatively as possible.

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