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When you submit your screenplay to Writewood Screenplay Consulting you will receive:

5-7 pages of in-depth feedback designed to maximize the effectiveness of the storytelling and sale potential.  Areas addressed include: Viability of Premise, Originality of Work, Structure, Story Logic, Characterization, Theme, Tone, Dialogue, Format and Quality of Writing.

You will also receive page notes inserted into your screenplay regarding specific dialogue and action as well as corrections in format, grammar, spelling and punctuation.


After notes are received, all writers are entitled to a one-hour follow-up phone conversation with Wood, to be placed by writer, in which to discuss the screenplay.  Please note that Wood does not offer career assistance nor does he provide contacts in the industry for screenplay solicitation.

If you are a producer, studio or production company interested in contacting Douglas Wood regarding a writing, rewriting, development, producing or consulting job, please CLICK HERE.


Please note: If your material exceeds the maximum page numbers mentioned below, there is a $1.00 per page fee.



If, after receiving analysis of your material from Writewood Screenplay Consulting, you revise your script and would like to have the new draft reviewed, you will receive a 20% discount off the original rate. Please click on the envelope icon below to e-mail questions or to submit your material.

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