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Welcome to Writewood Submit Your Material Guy

Please do not submit any material before first contacting Writewood Screenplay Consulting via the e-mail link below.

In your e-mail, please provide your name, the type of material you have (screenplay, teleplay, stage play, etc.) and the length of the material.  You’ll receive a response within 24 hours and a time estimate as to how long it will take to receive your analysis.  (Times vary due to workload and writing commitments.)


All screenplays and teleplays must be in Final Draft.  Please do not submit screenplays in PDF format as this won’t allow for page notes.  All plays must be in standard play format.

If you do not have Final Draft you may submit a hard copy of your material via “snail mail.”  Please include an additional $6.00 so your script can be returned to you via USPS Priority mail.  Scripts must be written in traditional screenplay format on three-hole punch paper and bound with brass brads.  No handwritten material will be accepted.

Payments are to be made via PayPal, check or money order.  Work will not begin until personal checks have cleared. To e-mail questions or submit material, please click on the envelope icon below.

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